Perfumes, incenses and candles
S'Amuser of Glastonbury - scentual alchemy
Scentual Alchemy

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Create your own personal...


Sample and blend from 33 pure perfume oils
based on ancient perfumery arts

Decant your own selection into a
perfume oil base, body oil, body cream or lotion

Make your own candle

Clean-burning soya wax base

Select from a range of natural colour pigments
add your choice of pure essential oils, stir and pour!

Self-burning incense

Beautiful, thoughtful gifts for loved ones or self-indulgence!

Pick dried herbs, seeds, fruits, barks, mosses, grains and resins,
choose a colourful, self-burning base powder - your own pot pourri -
mix them together, and donít forget to make a wish!



(French for 'amuse yourself')

Go on, indulge in a decadent experience – put yourself into your purchase!

Create a personal perfume, incense or candle at our creativity counter – with a glass of champagne!

S'Amuser is all things 'scentual' ...anything to do with smell and the senses!

The decor is simply lavish
French Revolution
meets Moulin Rouge
meets Country Kitchen!

Utterly unique...
accept no imitiations!

9 Market Place, Glastonbury
Somerset BA6 9HW
01458 835226

Our shop on Market Place, Glastonbury

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